An LED strip in Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

Today I started my own personal website. Nothing fancy, just a Jekyll theme and some markdown, but I’m proud that it’s up anyway. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I finally was sparked to do it after my hard drive failed and I lost my last three months of photography on it.

The best photos, the ones I had edited and cropped and thought about critically, were mostly backed up by virtue of being on social media, but that was only a few out of hundreds. The rest, I’m sorry to say, never made it past being a .RAW file. It made me realize that I’m doing a lot of things like projects, photography, and other things that are meant to be shared, and I’m just doing the fun part and not putting enough effort into following them up. Very few of my Github repos are very clean or well-documented. Many of my art projects don’t get a writeup outside of what is required for class. The pictures that I thought were compelling but didn’t feature enough faces to fare well on social media didn’t get developed.

I hope that by having a space where I can write up my projects, post about what I’ve been doing, and simply curate a space without having to worry about the surrounding social environment, I will have the freedom, the creative air, and the motivation to write and document more. With a place like this, I have no excuse not to write, document, and post. If I had this place earlier, maybe more of my photos would have made it out into the real world before the hard drive failed. Or even if they didn’t, maybe I would be more confident that I had already developed the ones that were worth showing the world.

Regardless, is here now. My goal is to go back through my last year and write about the most interesting projects I’ve done, while they’re still fresh in my memory. More importantly, this site is here so I can write about my future projects, future interests, and future life. Because the future is now.